1000mg 90:10 CBD:CBN Blend
1000mg 90:10 CBD:CBN Blend

1000mg 90:10 CBD:CBN Blend

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The Tincture 90:10 1000mg CBD:CBN

Our 90:10 Cannabidiol (CBD) Cannabinol (CBN) Formulation!

900mg of CBD plus 100mg of CBN and other cannabinoids from our full-spectrum hemp extract in each 30 mL bottle 

We associate the “N” with nighttime. Add a little extra mellow to your daytime CBD regimen or enhance your nighttime voyage.

Always less than 0.3% THC

Tried-and-true CBD paired with CBN, the cannabinoid known as a byproduct of THC. As THC is exposed to air, it heats up and becomes oxidized, converting into CBN, or cannabinol. Its best-known trait is that it may just make you a little sleepy!

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