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LED Grow Book Third Edition

The LED Grow Book Third Edition

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After the amazing success of the first two editions, author Christopher Sloper has done it again with the publication of the third edition of The LED Grow Book. He offers his latest tip and tricks for both the hobby and commercial grower. Several years have passed since the last edition and LED technology has improved greatly. State of the art commercial grow facilities are popping up globally and LED grow lights are part of them. During this time, the growing community’s mentality has switched from HID vs. LED grow lights to which LED grow light?

The LED Grow Book: Third Edition will assist any grower, commercial or hobby, make the proper led grow light selection for their needs.The third edition expands on:• Debunking the concept of perfect light spectrum• New thoughts on the Emerson Enhancement Effect• Proper use of UV in the grow room• Defining how high light levels are deployed• A detailed discussion on heat• Understand the economics of LED grow lights• Using LED grow lights to drive both photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis• Challenging the conventional “wisdom” by pointing out dozens and dozens of topics that need further research.