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T1 x Cherry Wine Feminized Seed 10 Pack

T1 x Cherry Wine Feminized Seed 10 Pack

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Pricing is Per Pack of 10.

Germination rate: >94% 

Feminization rate: 100%

Characteristics: Dense flowers, a pungent citrus with cherry baseline fragrance with a hint of skunk. 

Plant size and spacing: Med/LG, recommended plant spacing 4' x 4’ 

Potency: 25:1 CBD to THC ratio (depending on the time of harvest and climate variables) 

Harvest: About 6 weeks after flower initiation

Yield: Average 1- 2 lbs per plant (Outdoors)


Bred and adapted at high elevation above 6600 ft, the T1 and Cherry Wine cross is sun-grown rather than in artificial conditions which impart and epigenetic hardiness not found in crosses grown under lights.

2020 Season Feedback:

This variety performed well in a variety of climates from Colorado to Indiana all the way down to Alabammer!