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Rooted in Passion.

Just stepping foot on our farmland in Western Colorado, reminds us every day why we love what we do. When we are out here, alongside natural wildlife and surrounded by mountains, canyons, and our watershed, we’re not just working the land—we’re working in harmony with it to reduce our impact on the planet and be good stewards of the land we farm and inhabit. 

Just as the landscape around us supports a calming, mindful experience, so do the hemp plants we farm. We’re dedicated to minimizing processing to create full-spectrum products that best represent the cannabis plant in its natural state. The goal? Helping you enjoy the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids, so that you, too, can share our love for hemp and get lost in the flow.

Rooted in transparency.

Our goal is to do good by our planet and its people. To achieve this, we’re constantly working to shorten the distance between our crop and our patrons, like you, who purchase our products. Each bottle of oil can be traced back to the field it was grown in, and even the label on it, made with 25% hemp(and post-consumer product), can be traced back to the plant we love. 

Our oils are also tested for heavy metals, microbial and other contaminants so that we can guarantee their safety. We’re all about the old-fashioned value of building a positive, trust-based relationship with our family, and we do this through transparency and delivering consistent, quality products.

Rooted in sustainability. 

One step. That’s really all it takes. The more refining steps you use, the larger your environmental impact, and that is why we work to get it right the first time in the extraction process. It’s up to us to maintain a clean and pure process, and we take this seriously. Plus, making a small impact can make a big difference in creating a more natural, quality product. 

You can have confidence in knowing that the bottle or tin in your hand has been mindfully crafted through a network of hardworking entrepreneurs and that our product is as unadulterated as our processes.