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1000mg CBD- THC Free
1000mg CBD- THC Free
1000mg CBD- THC Free

1000mg CBD- THC Free

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The Tincture 1000 THC Free

Our THC Free Formulation!

1000 mg of CBD in each 30 mL bottle and for anyone with any conflicts or concerns: ZERO THC!!

You want to experience the all-natural goodness of a full-spectrum oil—you just don’t want the THC. We get it! Whether you’re sensitive to THC, need to stay THC-free for work, or just would rather not have it, we hear you. That’s why we offer a special formulation with zero THC.

About our products:

There’s nothing like the real thing, and that’s exactly what we aim for at Deep Rooted. Our tinctures are made with premium hemp grown with care and hand-harvested from our own and other Colorado farmers, so you know you’re getting a quality grown product. All of our oils are tested for heavy metals, microbial and other contaminants to guarantee safety. Plus, we work hard to get it right the first time, ensuring that all of our tinctures are processed in just one extraction—reducing our footprint and giving you a more natural, grounded product.

All of this, so that you can enjoy the natural effects of full-spectrum hemp and Maintain Your Flow State! Try it and set your sight on a sense of calm and balance in your world.


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