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What Does 1000 Mean? And How Much Should I Take?

CBD 1000 mg

What does 1000 mean? 

Most of the tinctures available in our line-up say for example "The tincture 1000"  

1000 means total guaranteed CBD in our 1000mg CBD tincture. (Clarify) 1000 means 500mg of CBG and 500mg of CBD in our 50:50. And 1000 means 900mg of CBD and 100 mg of CBN in our 90:10. We rigorously test...

Note that there are trace amounts present of other minor cannabinoids. This list includes CBC, CBG, and CBN and other acid forms of these compounds.

If there are significant amounts of these cannabinoids, it is always indicated on the label. 

For example, our 50:50 CBD:CBG Blend, which is 500 mg CBD, and 500 mg of CBG

CBD CBG Hemp Cannabinoid Cannabigerol Cannabidiol

And our 90:10 CBD:CBN blend, which contains 900mg of CBD and 100mg of CBN.  

CBN Cannabinol CBG Blend 9010

Despite the ratios, you are always guaranteed 1000mg of the indicated primary cannabinoids.

What does Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Mean?

This indicates that the extract you're getting is coming straight from the hemp plant with minimal processing that would otherwise strip the extract of its properties outside of pure CBD. 

These properties include other minor cannabinoids, naturally-occurring terpenes, essential vitamins, fatty acids, protein, and more!

The presence of other minor cannabinoids in conjunction with CBD has been proven to work better in combating symptoms.

This is known as the Entourage Effect. 

Comparing Full Spectrum CBD to CBD isolate is like comparing whole grain bread, which is full of nutritional value to processed white bread that is stripped of its nutritional value. 

In COVID times, we can think about Full Spectrum effects as the low flat curve, keeping you in the Flow State, preventing over saturation that leads to tolerance build up. 

CBD Isolate on the other hand can be compared to a tall sharp curve that spikes the effects for a moment, over stimulating the system, and then leaving you feeling like you need more.

Our droppers are all metered to the .25 ml and 1 full ml equals 33mg of CBD or each blend you are trying. We recommend starting with .75 ml of any product, seeing if you get the desired effect and calibrate from there.

Find your formula and Maintain Your Flow State!