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Regenerative Agriculture This Growing Season!

Seeds ✅

    About our plants this season:

    Our seedlings are going in this week and getting ready to hit the soil within the next few weeks! Good seeds take 2-3 weeks from seedling to transplant. Fresh seeds put down tap roots that are better for plant stability and water optimization. Our water this year is extremely limited with a drought in Western Colorado so water optimization will be key this growing season. Limited snow pack has meant limited irrigation water so we are doing everything we can to conserve.

    By using drip irrigation instead of overhead, we are able to use only what we need and make sure that every drop of water is benefitting our plants. Plant growth and soil moisture is frequently monitored to assess plant needs and adjust accordingly. Fresh seedlings have tap roots that pull deep from the clay whereas clone's shallow roots require more water from the surface.



    We have CBD and CBG varieties “The White” and “T1 x Cherry Wine” and are looking forward to getting after more farm chores, prepping the soil, and watching these seeds progress!