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DRHC's Sustainable Supply Chain Commitment

What is a Sustainable Supply Chain?

Deep Rooted Hemp Company is proud to have a curated supply chain that guarantees social, environmental and fair trade practices for all facets of production, administration and distribution.

3P’s of a Sustainable Business

People- Take care of the people that take care of you and your business will thrive. 

Planet- Do right by the planet. compostable packaging, hemp labels

Minimize impact. Raise awareness. - Minimally processed product means smaller footprint for each product.

Regenerative Agriculture Practices- Organic and Permaculture based cultivation

Profit- Still a priority because after all business is business and if you cannot afford a soap box to stand on, no one will hear! Deep Rooted Hemp exists to be among the Best, not the Biggest.

Deep Rooted Hemp Company prioritizes Women, Minority and Veteran owned businesses including, legal, administration, logistics partners and everyone else who makes Deep Rooted possible.

Our processor, Resinosa LLC, is a veteran owned business. They work with purity, precision and passion. Using only one extraction step, minimizes the carbon footprint of our products.  The extracts that they produce are of highest quality on the first pass due to their particular methodology.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (FSHO) can be called “crude” from the first pass, Resinosa’s product is far from that, earning accolades. 

– Hemp Product Competition at INDO EXPO 2018 Best Hemp CBD Concentrate (Ethanol/Alcohol).

We support the hemp industry as a whole by using hemp based and post consumer recycled labels. Deep Rooted Hemp actively advocates for the future of hemp as a regenerative and sustainable crop for American agriculture for Food, Fiber and Fuel.

Please feel free to contact us and ask questions about our sustainability initiatives and perspectives!